Sunday, July 24, 2011

Death At One's Elbow - Glen Curren

Glen Curren kicked off his mid-life crisis by jumping into the world of funny books in 2010 with rum-fueled wit and the libido and self-loathing of a clinically depressed teenager with a bloodstream full of Ecstasy. Besides writing stories for the Ocho Bootleg and the much sought-after Robot Kaiju, Glen cranks out the occasional blog, shooting a wad of brain juice in the face of the interwebs at He is also a professional editor, working on everything from fitness books to comics including Super Vamp by the internationally published Madame M. Glen’s main focus has been on his own creation, Major Mediocrity – an ongoing webseries riddled with innuendos about a less-than-super-hero dealing (or not) with the everyday crap that faces defenders of justice and the rest of us. There is no reason not to expect more of the same in his interpretation of “Death At One’s Elbow”.

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