Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Difference Does It Make? - Jeff Pina

Jeff Pina moved to Phoenix 11 years ago from La Quinta, CA. In late 2006, he launched his first book, Dr. Oblivion’s Guide to Teenage Dating and has been making new issues through his self-publishing label Sideways 8 Studios. He’s also added a newer series Imaginatives to his list and works on his web comics Monkey In Space and Drunk Robot. A member of the local comic group, Fiction House Mafia, he’s also been project coordinator for the “Heart” series anthologies which focuses on showcasing local talent (of which the first one, Pirate (heart) Ninja, debuted at Phoenix Comic Con in 2010). He has also done artwork for Hasbro Games and sketch cards for 5finity, as well as freelance work in the local Phoenix market. He’s recently been published in Voltron: United and Drawn. In between sleep and rerun episodes of Star Trek, he finishes illustrating pages of his contribution to Unite and Take Over, "What Difference Does It Make?".

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