Thursday, July 21, 2011

How it Began

I have lots of friends in the Arizona Indy Comic Book scene. I wanted to work with them on a project, but it had to be really cool in order for them to stop working on their own projects long enough to work with me.

My friends, Thomas Healy and Jeff Pina, had been putting out some anthologies they call the "Heart" books. The first one was Pirate Heart Ninja was a collection of short comic stories that involved the unlikely romantic pairing of a Pirate and a Ninja. I contributed a story to their second book, Robot Heart Kaiju. Their third book, Alien Heart Bigfoot, just came out in time for Phoenix Comicon 2011. For my Robot Heart Kaiju story, I actually wrote 3 stories. One story when I thought the book was Robot vs. Kaiju. One story before I read Pirate Heart Ninja and found a story with a similar premise. The final story finally got the premise right. It was a lot of work to pair up such diverse characters.

I thought the concept of the a local comic creator anthology was great and wanted my friends to join me in creating some stories for the upcoming Tucson Comic-con ( I knew at least four people who were Smiths fans who would work on a project if it was somehow related to the Smiths. I pitched the idea of creating an anthology of stories inspired by the songs with a different creative team attached to a different Smiths song. I told a few people and suddenly I had a set list of 16 creative teams that wanted to work on the anthology. We created a quick promo poster for Phoenix Comicon which got great reception. Now, we are working on a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the printing costs.

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