Friday, July 22, 2011

Death At One's Elbow - Madame M

Madame M has been making the world considerably more creepy, cutesy and curvaceous since 2000 with the release of her award winning book, Creepy Little Bedtime Stories. The frightening and frolicking continued throughout the decade with its sequel Eerie Little Bedtime Stories, as well as a casket full of other peculiar publications such as Trauma Queens/Trauma Kings and Tales of the Truly Grotesque. In 2009, Madame M cast a spell on the comic world with the lovable super hero vampire, Super Vamp. She continues to concoct a cavalcade of kooky comic characters with the magnificent macabre musings contained within Madame M Presents. Her captivating and corpsodic art is contained within the story of "Death At One's Elbow".

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